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Finally! A Website That Facilitates Defamation of Co-Workers!

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DailyFeed has changed its name to -- but it hasn't changed its modus operandi.

When the site, which allows people to anonymously rate co-workers, debuted, the New York Times said that it "creates a public bathroom wall for everyone on the planet — then hands its users a big, anonymous Sharpie pen."

Valleywag described it as "the ultimate distillation of all the most evil social networking practices to have emerged over the past couple of years."

And TechCrunch called it "a clean, well-lighted place for defamation."

Peter Kazanjy, one of the site’s founders, took exception to these characterizations, saying, “It’s designed as a safe place, a fair place, where its O.K. to give B-pluses and it’s okay to give B-minuses. It’s even okay to give A-pluses, but those will now actually look real because the site is not filled with them.

"This is the place for productive conversation about this topic."

Kazanjy also maintained that his site employs safeguards to keep nasty comments to a minimum.

But that doesn't mean we have to employ these same sorts of safeguards here on the Daily Feed!

Here goes...

Terry Woo: I don't think the shirt you're wearing today flatters your eyes.

Cory Bortnicker: Did you fall asleep in the barber's chair?

Josh Lipton: We all saw you stroll in at 10:30...don't think you outsmarted us.

Bill Meehan: You owe me ten bucks, deadbeat.

Oh man, this feels great! Too bad's safeguards won't allow me to be...honest.
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