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Fewer Bosses Giving the Gift of Jealousy This Season

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I have a bit of bad news. The number of people in your inner circle that you'll resent this holiday season is on the rise. As you sit and nurse your pitiful Budweiser for three hours, there's a greater chance that one of your friends will be ordering scotch after scotch with his newly gotten Christmas bonus.

Yes, in a recent poll conducted by, more holiday merriment will come to those other than you this year. According to AZ Central, 33% of employers plan to hand out holiday bonuses this year -- compared to 29% in 2009. Of those people who never hired you, 59% plan to give the same amount as in the past -- a number you couldn't possibly fathom because you were never under their employ.

Nine percent of employers -- the percentage in which your boss currently lies -- will not be handing out Christmas bonuses, even though they had in the past. But that was probably before you were hired.

According to the employers surveyed, over half -- 52%, which is coincidentally the same amount who've never heard your name -- will be throwing a holiday party. That number is three percent higher than the bosses last year who "put your resume on file," never to look at it again.

"Many employers are financially in a better place this season and recognize the positive impact holiday perks can have on office morale," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for -- a woman you've never met or spoken to in your life. "Companies are not only giving back to employees this holiday season, 45% say their charitable donations will be the same or more than previous years."

Haefner than noticed someone across the room she needed to speak to before you two could be introduced.

AZ Central also noted that employees of Go Daddy Group Inc. enjoyed a lavish holiday party this year. The $4 million bash included 6,000 employees and took place at Chase Field on Saturday night.

In case you need to be reminded, you don't work at Go Daddy Group Inc.
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