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Few People Want to Be Geotagged

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With Facebook's recent implementation of its Places feature, the geolocation trend went from cool novelty to social networking staple. From Foursquare to Gowalla to Loopt to Google Latitude, the GPS chips in our smartphones ought to be fired up every few minutes.

But, according to Forrester Research and the New York Times, few folks are logging into their accounts to post their location. How few? Forrester says just four percent of Americans have dabbled in geolocation services and just one percent use them weekly. The services also skew heavily toward males, who make up 80% of the users, and a whopping 70% are between the ages of 19 and 35.

Niche, esoteric, and with limited use. That doesn't sound like the type of mainstream technology that VCs have dumped a reported $115 million into. Nevertheless, companies like Starbucks, Gap, Best Buy, and Macy's are all looking toward location-based marketing and discounts.

Forrester marketing analyst Melissa Parrish told the Times, "Ever since mobile phones and location technology got started, there have been conversations about the potential for doing something really incredible with this for marketers." She added, "But clearly the question is whether it has reached the mainstream, and it looks like the answer is no."

Many folks ignore location-based social networks because of privacy concerns. For Dummies Marsha Collier said she uses Whrrl and Foursquare for social connections, but checks in as she's leaving the location. "That way, you’re going to be home soon, so your house won't be unattended for a long time." Another woman said she wasn't fond of having 1,200 of her Facebook friends knowing exactly where she is.

If not for maintaining privacy, others don't see the point of geotagging every location they visit. One woman told the Times that she and her husband go to the park, the grocery store, and play areas with her kids. "My life isn't exciting enough to broadcast where I am and what I do."

I, on the other hand, find the services pretty intriguing, but I'm just waiting for a location-based service that caters to people who are too lazy to leave the house.
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