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Fed-Up Hair Plug Doc Threatens to "Out" Hair Extension Industry

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The hair extension industry has officially been put on notice--and if it doesn't clean up its act, Larry Shapiro is prepared to take matters into his own hands.

Yes, "leading hair transplant doctor" Dr. Larry Shapiro warns that "hair extensions are literally pulling hair out of people’s heads, creating what he calls a 'bald new world.'"

Crafty wordplay aside, Shapiro is also quite the tough guy.

"If the growing hair extension industry doesn't straighten up its act and do something soon about warning consumers of the potential harm that extensions can cause to healthy hair, I'll start naming those companies that are the worst offenders," he threatens.

No! Dr. Shapiro, get a hold of yourself, my man! Don't start naming names! Do you realize what this could do to the struggling hair extension industry during a period of fragile economic recovery?!?!?!

A press release issued by Shapiro explains he has "become a consumer advocate for healthy hair, warning consumers of the dangers of hair extensions and chemical hair relaxers, which he says can destroy perfectly good hair."

On this day after Thanksgiving, let us all take a moment to be thankful for hair extensions. Mine have served me perfectly well--when I feel like going "David Lee Roth, circa 1983," well, I can. When I get a Beyonce bee in my bonnet and decide I want to go all Sasha Fierce for a day or two...I CAN.

Dr. Larry Shapiro, hands off my body!!!!
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