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Faith-Based Search Engines Keep Browsers Pure

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Google and Yahoo a little too non-ecclesiastical for you?

Not to worry -- whatever your religious bent, there's a search engine that fits it like a glove.

For Christians, there's SeekFind, which provides "God-honoring, biblically based, and theologically sound Christian search engine results in a highly accurate and well-organized format."

Then, there's SikhFind (actually called Sri Granth, not SikhFind, but it is Sikh search...) for, naturally, Sikhs:

Jews can wander over to Jgrab, which proclaims to be "#1 in Jewish Search" and returns results that have been "screened and approved for quality."

And Muslims can experience pork-and-porn-free search capabilities courtesy of I'mHalal:

The creator of SeekFind tells NPR that, “In a sense, I guess kind of what SeekFind does is a form of censorship, but I would more describe it as selective inclusion."

Which is why I turned to Microsoft Bing in order to find a site "selectively excluded" from SeekFind's search results:

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