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Facebook Tops List of Best Places to Work

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Let's say your boss was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. (For the sake of the scenario, this person is male.) His face is plastered on every newsstand following a mountain of media coverage for a blockbuster movie in which he was the central character. This person's cockiness and Machiavellian tendencies grow tenfold. There's almost an audible spring in his step at work while he walks passed you, toiling away at your job. And any chance of your boss noticing the effort you put into your job on a daily basis diminishes significantly.

Now, what are the chances of you speaking highly of the job in an online survey? Pretty slim, I imagine. But nevertheless, Facebook topped a list of the best places to work. Either Mark Zuckerberg is a better boss than he seems -- his staff gave him a 96% rating -- or he really does have some private information on his employees.

Given his reputation, that's not so surprising.

According to a poll posted on, Facebook garnered a 4.6 out of 5 rating based on 30 reviews. As a workplace, Facebook employees are very satisfied. One review lists the pros of working there:

"Facebook is amazing. Working here offers the best environment I have ever seen in a workplace. The job is all about cooperation, not competition. The Facebook culture, office design, and management styles all support this."

As for cons, "With the small number of employees, everyone is expected to change the world."


Facebook narrowly edged out Southwest Airlines and global management consulting firm Bain & Company -- coming in at 4.4 and 4.3 ratings, respectively. Perennial favorite workplaces Apple and Google came in at 20 and 30, and Zappos surprisingly didn't make the Top 50.

Another shocker, placed ninth, despite being saddled with certifiably insane management within the last few years. And maybe the view is a little different from the inside, but having Goldman Sachs, Chevron, Monsanto Company, Morgan Stanley, and Capital One in the Top 50 is a bit of a puzzler.

Nevertheless, employees appear to be very happy with these workplaces. Unfortunately, like offices that are participating in holiday parties and Christmas bonuses, chances are, you don't work there.

Here's the full list:

1. Facebook

2. Southwest Airlines

3. Bain & Company

4. General Mills

5. Edelman

6. Boston Consulting

7. SAS Institute

8. Slalom Consulting

10. Susquehanna International Group

11. CareerBuilder


13. QuikTrip

14. Shutterfly

15. NetApp

16. Trader Joe's

17. Goldman Sachs

18. McKinsey & Company

19. National Instruments

20. Apple

21. Analog Devices
22. Northwestern Mutual

23. Procter & Gamble

24. BB&T

25. Synopsys

26. Chevron

27. Scottrade

28. Bristol-Myers Squibb

29. MassMutual

30. Google

31. Travelers Companies

32. Fluor

33. Monsanto Company

34. Publix

35. John Deere


37. Morgan Stanley

38. State Farm

39. Adobe

40. REI


42. Ford Motor

43. Turner Broadcasting

44. Genentech

45. Intel Corporation

46. American Express

47. NIKE

48. Deutsche Bank

49. Cummins

50. Capital One
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