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Facebook "Photo Memories" Feature to Start Sparing Your Feelings

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Facebook may not care about your privacy much, but at least it’s making an effort to spare your feelings.

A couple months ago, the social-networking site added a feature called Photo Memories, designed to keep you clicking on old content by digging up photos from the past tagged with your friends.

According to some users, though, a disproportionate number of those memories ended up being painful ones. For whatever reason -- maybe because the site detected a history of obsessively clicking through their photo albums -- Facebook’s secretive algorithms seemed to favor displaying pictures of users’ exes. This caused enough heartache to lead to the creation of a Facebook page, “I HATE PHOTO MEMORIES,” which is currently hovering around 750 members.

Unlike most user complaints about Facebook (isn’t there a page professing hate for just about every change the site’s ever introduced?), this one caught the attention of the site’s designers.

On a blog post on that had degenerated into a lengthy comment thread about the ex problem, Sam Odio, product manager for Facebook photos, dropped in Monday to report a change: Photo Memories will no longer show pictures tagged with friends who you previously listed yourself as “in a relationship” with.

Of course, if you want this protection, you have to use the “in a relationship” feature in the first place … which means sharing more information with your network than many people prefer. Very clever, Facebook.
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