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Facebook Helps People Have Amazing Sex, Study Shows

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Facebook began as a tool for college kids to look at each other’s pictures with the never-said-but-pretty-much-agreed-upon notion that this would help them get laid. Since then, the social networking giant has dipped its toes in more “serious waters,” helping to influence everything from Hollywood to politics to the ongoing youth revolts in Egypt.

But I’m happy to report that a new study by Shape and Men’s Fitness magazines, two of the most preeminent publications in the sociological community, brings it all back to where we started: good old fashioned sex.

Turns out, Facebook is still delivering in the bedroom department. ABC reports:

[The study] found that 80 percent of women say [Facebook] lead to sex more quickly because it's so easy to stay connected.

Fifty-eight percent of the men surveyed said flirting over Facebook, texts and Gchat helps them get women into the sack sooner.

The magazines found that 47 percent of those surveyed said their sex lives are "amazing," compared to 21 percent last year.

So with that, let us all say in unison: bow chica bow wow.

Good, now that that’s out of our systems, here’s the bad news.

Psychologists, who presumably have the worst sex ever and are taking their frustration out on the rest of us, are quick to point out that while technology may make us feel more connected, actual intimacy is suffering.

Dr. Dorree Lynn, a psychologist and apparent poet, tells ABC: “You let your fingers do the walking and you can forget that you need to do the talking."  Ouch!

While technology’s adverse impact on our attention spans is nothing new, it is worth noting just how bad things have gotten. The study also shows that 5 percent of people would glance at their phone in the middle of sex if they received a call or text message. One percent said they would actually answer the call.

But what’s really interesting is this: if you speak to neurologists and map the actual electric activity in the brain while….er….actually, one sec, just got a Facebook message…and…uh…one second….one second….one second….gotta go!
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