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Ex-Astronaut Sues Dido for Using His Image

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If there's anyone to remind former NASA astronaut Bruce McCandless that it's not so bad, it's not so bad, it would be Dido.

Last month, McCandless filed a complaint in an LA federal court against British songstress Dido for using his image on her 2008 album, Safe Trip Home. It's not of him flipping off Earth while suspended in space. It's not of him opening the door to the soundstage in the 1969 moon landing footage. And it's definitely not of him becoming a grand member of the 238,857-mile-high club.

Nope. Dido used the public domain image of McCandless in a free-flying spacewalk while 380 miles above the earth. It's a pretty dynamic shot -- one worthy of a thousand album covers -- but McCandless isn't happy his image is lent to England's answer to Tori Amos. He's suing not on the grounds of copyright infringement, but for infringement of his persona.

According to Bloomberg, the space cadet is seeking unspecified damages and includes Sony Music Entertainment and Getty Images as defendants. He wrote in his complaint, "McCandless' Feb. 7, 1984, flight remains the only occasion on which the manned maneuvering unit has been flown to such a significant distance from a shuttle and allowed such photographs to be taken."

Sure, Bruce, you have reason to brag. But have you ever been cast as the abused pregnant wife of an Eminem fan who drowns in the trunk of a car when her husband drives off a bridge?


Then let's not be so quick to toot our own horn, okay?
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