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Even Digg's Founder Isn't Using Digg

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Things aren't so rosy at the Digg camp.

After the social news aggragator's disastrous redesign last August, traffic dipped by 33%. Users complained about the new layout and missing features -- notably "Bury" to de-emphasize unworthy links -- and vacated the site in droves for fellow aggregator Reddit. According to Comscore, Digg had 18 million unique visitors in August. By January, they had 12 million.

And one of those fleeing visitors could've easily been Digg founder, Kevin Rose.

Despite maintaining that the site is just fine and will rebound in the near future, Rose is barely using the site. TechCrunch discovered that Rose "didn't submit, comment on or even 'Digg' a single story" for 22 days in December.

His recent activity hasn't made up for it either. Over the the last 30 days, he's performed seven actions on Digg -- which equates to less than one action every four days. As you can see by his Digg profile, the last article he submitted was on February 13. Compare this to Digg CEO Matt Williams who's an active Digg member -- submitting, commenting, or "Digging" roughly once a day.

Or better yet, compare that to Rose's Twitter activity -- which TechCrunch did in a graph.

Rose has posted 181 Tweets in the last month -- making him 26 times more active in 140 characters.

It's a disheartening situation: A befallen site, promising to reemerge from a dour situation, can't even get its founder to use it.
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