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Eulogy for the Station Wagon

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Volvo, which sold a paltry 480 station wagons in the US last year (compared to 40,000 in 1999), has decided to halt stateside sales of the oft-maligned family vehicle.

Writing in The Smart Set, an online magazine from Drexel University, Greg Beato offers a heartfelt lament for the station wagon:

"If parking spaces hadn’t gotten so tiny, if the ozone layer wasn’t so delicate, if minivans hadn’t offered the stay-at-home moms of the 1980s a more modern, business-like aesthetic with which to placate their stunted workplace ambitions, station wagon sales might yet remain robust. Instead, they peaked in 1965 at 968,771. But if our demand for the vehicles themselves has waned over time, our demand for the values that informed them has only grown. And that’s why although we may no longer have room for them in our garages, we’ll always have a space for them in our hearts."

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