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Escape a Zombie Attack in an Awesome Google Street View Game

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You've studies the movies. You've read the manuals. You've injected experimental serums into dead tissue and deposited the rotting remains in ancient Indian burial grounds. Well, two out of three.

Much like the ambling corpses themselves, zombies have withstood trend after sparking vampire trend and continue to be many horror fans' favorite film baddies. Folks have envisioned actual zombie invasions and literally plan escape routes, weapon caches, and post-apocalyptic pick-up lines to re-populate the species. No sense in being unprepared.

And what better way to develop evasive tactics from several potential locations than to play this awesome Google Street View-Zombie mash-up game called "Streetview Zombie Apocalypse."

Simply enter in the address where you might presumably be when the dead begin to rise. Using the overhead view as a guide, navigate through the streets for as long as possible before you're downed by the snarling, flesh-eating undead. Or in this case, a goofy, family-friendly, animated version of one.

Here's hoping the game evolves into a 3D augmented reality game.

Note: Having entered in the address of the Minyanville offices, it's safe to say that CEO Todd Harrison and his staff will quickly be consumed once our supplies run out.
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