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Erika Hall Wants to Rid the World of Meaningless Business Jargon

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After Kevin Depew posted a piece on the phenomenal new site, which de-translates the jargony gibberish workers of the world are being subjected to in conference rooms across America, we had a chance to speak with the site's creator, Mule Design's Erika Hall.

On the birth of Unsuck-It:

"I actually quit a job at a design agency that was taken over by a big corporation after I read something on the new company’s website about its "core values." When I asked about it, I was told that, “It’s nice to cultivate an ideology that we can all personify.” I printed this out, posted over copy machine, and gave notice. It makes people really insecure to actually say something meaningful. It's much easier to say something like 'Don’t boil the ocean, Bob.'"

On the inspiration for Unsuck-It:

"A friend who’s also a designer suggested we create a site that deals with this problem (of communicating without actually communicating). I thought of a management book I had seen called “Unstuck” and I thought,  'Managers don’t need to get Unstuck, they need to get Unsucked.' We want to take the suck out of the way people are doing things."

On Unsuck-It going viral:

"It’s been crazy. We've gotten hundreds of thousands of responses, and it's going around the world. I wouldn’t have thought tthat English language business jargon would go so viral, but we obviously tapped into something that people are really feeling. I wanted to create a site where people send their friends and colleagues after a meeting where some manager says something horrible like, 'We’re about to open the kimono.'"

If you're a manager--or plan on becoming one--please, please, PLEASE navigate over to immediately. You'll be doing the world a whole lot of good. And, the net-net is, it's a win-win.
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