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EMI Pulls Welsh Town's Video to Attract Economic Development Because it Infringes on Song That Infringes on Song

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Newport, Wales is sort of the Pittsburgh of old, before Pittsburgh went through a renaissance, attracting high tech companies, etc. to take the place of heavy industry.

Well, Newport succeeded in bringing in a semiconductor factory and the world's largest car crusher. But that wasn't enough to get the town the kind of publicity it needed to jumpstart the economy.

So, they made a video.

A video spoof of Jay-Z's mega-hit "Empire State of Mind" called "Newport State of Mind."

It became a YouTube smash, with lyrics like "big leeks will inspire you" and "one hand in the air for a taxi/fifty quid if you're sick in the back seat."

Then music publisher EMI got upset and pulled all versions from the Web, and now it can't be seen anywhere.

It's even blocked in China--where, according to statistics, nearly 100% of all digitally-available music is pirated:

(Question: Didn't Jay-Z sort of rip off Billy Joel when he retitled "New York State of Mind" to "Empire State of Mind?" I mean, New York is the Empire State... Just sayin'...)

Anyway, that Jay-Z really isn't one to be trifled with. But, speaking of Britishisms like being "trifled with" , the BBC has thoughtfully posted a clip on their site.

It's not embeddable, of course (and we don't want to get sued, so click below to see it for yourself.



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