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Egypt Google Internet Traffic Back In Business

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The Egyptian government responded to protests by creating a partial communications blackout, shutting down Internet and cell-phone service.

While governments have implemented such shutdowns before, the scale of Egypt’s actions were unprecedented and, as Conan O’Brien has observed, perhaps even counter-productive from the government’s point of view.

“Listen, if you want people to stay home and do nothing, turn the internet back on,” the talk show host said.

As ProPublica reports, multinational corporations may have little recourse when a government decides to shut down all service, but a number of companies, including Microsoft, Google and Yahoo are trying to organize against such intrusions through the Global Network Initiative.

The group, which includes advocacy organizations and investors as well, says increasing pressure from governments has led them to come up with a set of guiding principles to "protect and advance freedom of expression and privacy" in the telecom sector. It aims to help companies develop a plan for how to deal with situations like what's happening in Egypt before it happens.

This morning, Paul Kedrosky notes that Egyptian Google traffic is approaching normal levels again:

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