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Econ Bloggers Feeling Blue

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Econ bloggers are feeling a little down in the mouth. And after the kind of lackluster labor market report we just read over this morning, you certainly can’t fault them: Kauffman’s third-quarter survey of leading economics bloggers points to a bunch of pessimistic feeling number-crunchers.

The key finding:

Economic bloggers have a renewed pessimism in their outlook on the U.S. economy, with 68 percent saying that conditions are mixed, and the rest split three to one toward weakness rather than growth. For an economy in which growth is the norm, 47 percent of respondents think that the U.S. economy is worse than official statistics indicate, and only 5 percent believe it is better…Regardless, the consensus three-year projection sees growth primarily in the budget deficit, global output, and interest rates. Increases in jobs and GDP are expected to be tepid—outpaced by poverty, for example.

The survey was conducted in mid-July 2010 by soliciting input from among the top 200 economics bloggers as ranked by Palgrave’s The list of participants can be found in the appendix of the report. (HT: FT Alphaville)

Read the full report for yourself here.
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