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Dry Erase Girl Played Us for Suckers

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Well, the story, the photos, and -- dare I say it -- even "Spencer" were all a fabrication. Dry Erase Girl did not quit her job through a whiteboard, FarmVille time logs, and evocative facial expressions. "Jenny," in actuality, is 22-year-old Los Angeles actress Elyse Porterfield and the story was a creation of Chive co-founders John and Leo Resig.

The media, Twitter users, and disgruntled office managers everywhere got hustled.

TechCrunch spoke with Porterfield and the Resig brothers on their hoax. The actress responded to an ad placed in Actors Access by the brothers last Thursday. The ad called for a "girl next door model type for photo shoot for" The actress had to be 21-25 years old and open to a possible spokesperson opportunity. Porterfield said, "When I went into the audition, I didn't know what it was for -- but thought that this couldn’t be too bawdy or promiscuous or else they wouldn't have me holding a dry erase board."

John Resig told TechCrunch that the hoax spread largely by person-to-person, not media circulation. "We came up with a hoax that was completely relatable. It wasn't spread by TechCrunch and Reddit. It was spread by Facebook and inter-office email. Everyone wants to quit their jobs like this."

He added that people "want to believe."

The hoax was indeed successful, but the site is also no stranger to believable pranks. The Chive was responsible for other circulated stories such as Donald Trump's $10,000 restaurant tip and the girl who accidentally texted her dad that she lost her virginity. But with today's reveal, it doesn't seem too likely The Chive could prank us for a while.

And as for Porterfield, hopefully her acting talents extend to motion and isn't relegated to still photos.
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