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Drug Dealers Caught on Google Street View

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During my two years living on the edge of Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy neighborhood, I'd periodically catch the signs and choreographed movement of drug deals along Fulton Street. Someone holds up two to three fingers, an associate runs around to a stoop or alley, the exchange takes place, and the cycle continues. One night while driving down Fulton with my girlfriend, I caught the surreptitious dance at play. I said to her, "Drug deal." She asked me how I knew that. As if the answer was obvious, "I've seen The Wire."

But think of how many riveting plot lines to the HBO serial would be scrapped if the Barksdale clan fell victim to something as innocuous as a Google Street View camera.

Well, the NYPD have Google to thank for extra evidence in a case against three dealers who worked the corner of Jackson Street and Kingsland Avenue in East Williamsburg. Catering to mostly hipster clientele, the trio were captured "on the job" by Google Map's roving eye.

According to the New York Post, the men were among seven dealers apprehended in an undercover sting. Along with Google's multiple snapshots, the suspects were caught on hidden surveillance video. Additionally, the men sold drugs to undercover officers dressed as -- get this -- Williamsburg hipsters.

The image is as amusing as Google Maps uncovering a drug network.

"'Scuse me, bro. My Keyboard Cat shirt-wearing associate and I would like to buy a bag of that wicked chronic. I'm sorry, what was that? Allow me to turn down my iPod Nano playing Arcade Fire."

That's something even Detective McNulty couldn't pull off convincingly.
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