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Doomed Business Concept Ignores Famous Gordon Gekko Advice

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You’ve rented the movie from Nextflix. You’ve ordered the pizza. You’ve popped open a six pack of Bud. But there’s just one thing missing on this Friday night: a friend.

But no worries for the lonely: even companionship can now be ordered with the click of a button! Rent a Friend is an online service that allows people to rent friends by the hour. The company, already offering its services in the US and Canada, also kicked off just this week in the UK. (HT: Carpe Diem)

Here’s how it works: Just go to the web site, punch in your zip code, and browse a database of more than 218,000 potential friends waiting to go to a movie or concert with you such as 26-year-old Anthony, who promises you’ll have a “BLAST” when you meet up, or punk rock Korby, who wants to “take you to places the guidebooks fear to tread.”

You might be wondering what, exactly, “friendship” here really entails but, rest assured, Rent a Friend advertises itself as “strictly platonic,” emphasizing that it’s no escort agency. Subscribers pay $24.95 for access to the database, with your new “friends” typically charging $10 an hour to hang out.

“You deserve to be happy,” says the web site, “and can help.”
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