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Do Workplace Perks Work?

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Over at Forbes, Sara Peck wonders if lavish perks make employees more productive.

Google employees have nap pods, laundry rooms, and massages.

Abercrombie & Fitch supplies Vespa scooters to make it easier for employees to get around the corporate campus.

And Genentech brings in ergonomics experts to make sure all employees' work stations are ergonomically correct.

So, do these extras really make for happier, more productive employees?

Prof. Jeffrey Pfeffer, of Stanford University, says such benefits are only useful where there's a positive corporate culture that values employees and rewards their work. "Those [nap pods, etc.] are nice things, and they may represent the corporate attitude, but if they're all you do, they're worthless," he said.

And Claire Tompkins, a workplace productivity consultant, said, "If you feel you have no input in the company, no amount of amenities will fix that."

I say, keep yer damn nap pod. How 'bout a raise?
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