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Distressed Jeans are Coming Back in Fashion

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"In a distressed economy, how ironic is it that distressed jeans are a fall fashion must-have?," asks an article at Well, from the standpoint of a Socionomist, not very ironic at all. In fact, it was totally predictable.

As social mood turns negative, the old standards of conspicuous consumption and luxury items as signifiers are first to take a hit. After all, they represent the old mood trend. However, as the negative mood transition continues, those with the means look for more subtle ways to signify their status; hence, tattered jeans.

Of course, even those with the means have downsized. "“The majority of the denim business is sold at $50 a pair anyway,” he said. “Those super-premium prices are no more. Now denim makers have found out the technology that went into premium styles wasn't that hard to replicate at lower prices.”"
SOURCE:   Chron