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Detroit's Chance at Redemption Shattered on Twitter

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For fans of movies filled with violence and a healthy dose of comedy, you can't go wrong with 1987. PredatorLethal Weapon, Evil Dead II, The UntouchablesFull Metal Jacket, and of course, RoboCop.

A super-human cyborg programmed to clean the scum off the streets of a crime-ridden Detroit, RoboCop serves as a timeless hero for residents suffering under crime and corruption in the Motor City. Between the over-the-top violence and character actors chewing the scenery, Paul Verhoeven's sci-fi classic can never get enough praise.

But when Detroit mayor Dave Bing fielded recommendations on Twitter to improve his troubled city, he had the nerve to shoot down a proposal that would undoubtedly liven up the community.

C'mon, Dave! If Philadelphia can erect a statue of Rocky, surely Murphy can diligently patrol the east side of the Detroit Opera House. Get thee to a Netflix and reconsider!

The Old Man said it best. "What we need here is a fresh perspective."

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