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Despite Apple's Delay, Google Forging Ahead with NFC

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Yesterday, it was rumored that the iPhone 5 will not have a near field communication chip -- despite the growing support in Android and BlackBerry devices. Apple claims the lack of a clear industry standard dissuades the company from entering the NFC fold.

But Cupertino's apprehension -- or its possibly desire of implementing a new, incompatible NFC version -- doesn't discourage Google from forging ahead in NFC technology.

According to Bloomberg , Google is launching a mobile payment experiment in San Francisco and New York City within the next four months. The company will be installing thousands of VeriFone's payment terminals in stores -- allowing users to wave NFC-enabled devices to register a payment. Simple, fast, and it could become that "replacement for your wallet" we all hoped for.

As Engadget points out, CEO Eric Schmidt sees a big future in mobile payments and could be pairing up this experiment with a new Google payment system. Bloomberg suspects that Google "may combine a consumer's financial account information, gift-card balances, store loyalty cards, and coupon subscriptions on a single NFC chip on a phone."

Should this experiment pay off, Apple won't have a legitimate excuse for delivering an NFC-less iPhone 5.

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