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Desperate Homesellers Decorating Houses With Human Props

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IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
NPR reports:

"'Home staging' — or furnishing and decorating a home to help sell it — has been around for decades. But with home sellers facing a dismal housing market, they're going the extra mile to make their homes stand out in the crowd."

That means having people like Bill Worthington, who was brought in to live in a Princeton, NJ home by Showhomes, a national home staging company, shack up in someone else's house to give it that "lived-in" feel.

The owners of the house in which Worthington is pretending to reside, were concerned that it had been on the market without a bid for three years. Carla Cheifetz, who runs the Princeton franchise of Showhomes along with her husband Jon, says an empty home hurts sellers.

"The prospective buyer will know that the house is vacant, because there is no food in the refrigerator," Cheifetz said. "There's no clothes in the closet, so therefore what happens is they will lowball offers because they feel that the owner might be struggling because they may have two mortgages."

And why wouldn't it work? I can picture it now:

"I don't know, honey...$1.5 million seems like a little much for this place."

"But I want it!"

"I know, but we just can't afford it. Do you realize how much we'd have to come up with for a down payment? We don't have that kind of cash right now."

"Look! There's some strange, not-quite homeless-but sorta-homeless-in-a-weird-way guy in the bedroom pretending to live here!"

"There is??? Well, why didn't you say something before? We'll take it!"

Friends, I think the end of the housing crisis is near. How come no one thought of this before?

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