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As massive numbers of people around the world starve, Americans settle in for an entertaining evening of "Man vs. Food".

During the taping of a segment with Rachael Ray for "The Late Show"  (which will be airing tomorrow), David Letterman took a moment to point out just how unbelievably f'ed (not "fed") up things are about this.

"A billion people are starving, 50 million people are starving in this country. They go to bed hungry, but before they doze off, let's watch Cupcake Wars. Does that make any sense?" he asked.

In fact, just an hour ago, MV's Josh Lipton noted that the number of Americans receiving food stamps has reached a new record:

July food stamp usage rose 1.4% from June, hitting a new record of 41.8 million, and 17.5% higher than the 35.6 million receiving food stamps a year ago, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Participation has now set records for 20 straight months.

As for "Man vs. Food," Letterman noted that people seem to find a show where "a guy goes around and he tries to eat himself sick" wildly entertaining, while "in parts of Africa, kids eat dirt just so their stomachs have a full feeling."

The next day, Letterman received an email from Ray's publicist asking if she had done something to upset him.

"No, I'm not mad at Rachael," Letterman replied. "I'm just nuts. There's something wrong with me. So, if you see Rachael, tell her I'm sorry. She didn't do anything wrong."

While Rachael Ray may not have personally done anything wrong, something is very, very wrong with the whole equation.

And something is very, very right with David Letterman.
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