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Dancing Flight Attendants Hope to Drum Up IPO, Tourism

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There was a time, not too long ago, when flying was a formal affair. Male passengers would don three-piece suits, women dressed in their Sunday best, and kids were rosy-cheeked from being smacked raw to keep quiet. And as a reward for our classy and dignified demeanor, we were treated to ample leg room, fountains of scotch, and significant portions of eye candy.

Now, as we slip into our torn sweat pants and shell out eight bucks for a quarter can of Pringles, the service -- surprisingly! -- isn't nearly as cushy, courteous, or scantily clad. And what with FAA regulations keeping both staff and passengers in fear of being suspected of a terrorist plot, everyone is stodgy and tightly wound.

So it's always a surprise, in this day and age, to see airline staffs break out from the tendrils of guidelines and stuffed shirts and allow themselves to cut loose. Recently there've been pillow fights, nude flight-safety videos, rapping announcements, and of course, impromptu emergency chutes.

And last month, passengers aboard a Cebu Pacific flight were treated to the bouncy gyrations of flight attendants bopping to a Lady Gaga-Katy Perry medley.

The music might have been abominable, but the video -- which currently has over 8.6 million views -- is drawing a tidal wave of publicity for the airline. And, according to USA Today, the timing couldn't be better as Cebu Pacific is seeking as much as $580 million for its initial public offering -- the largest offering in the Philippines in five years.

And after August's fatal hostage situation in Hong Kong, Philippine Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim told USA Today that the clip could benefit tourism to East Asia. "People will see that this is a singing country, a dancing country." Adding, "It will help persuade people to come here."

For frequent flyers, we may never return to the 1950s Playboy mansion in the sky, but publicity stunts like these could distract us from the cramped quarters and $9 ginger ales.

At least for a little while.
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