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Cybercrime Was the Case That They Gave Snoop

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Whether hobnobbing with the Muppets or being adored by suburban mothers across the Midwest, Snoop Dogg is now the Jay Leno of the rap community. He's one Hollywood Squares appearance away from a dis track penned by Coolio. Granted, at 38, he's an OG of hip hop. But for God's sake, Snoop, pick and choose your endorsements.

There's gotta be something better around the corner than Hack Is Wack.

Making every Chronic fan cringe in unison, Snoop accepted an endorsement deal from cyber security company Semantec to host a cybercrime rap contest. Intended to boost exposure of Norton 360, the contest asks that amateur rappers submit rhymes condemning hacking, identity theft, and computer viruses. Snoop will judge the videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

In other news, Dakota Fanning just knocked out Suge Knight with one punch.

The winner and a guest will be flown to Los Angeles and meet with Snoop's management in what will be the quickest and most awkward conference since Federline tried pitching that second album. They'll attend a Snoop Dogg concert and win a pimped out laptop featuring Norton Internet Security 2011.

As of now, the contest now has a whopping total of seven entrants. Which isn't surprising, because as we know, rapping about cybercrime was already perfected in 1992.

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