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Curb Your Tech Obsession with a Signal-Blocking Smartphone Wrap

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Sometimes the act of actually shutting down a computer, actually quitting TweetDeck, actually switching off an iPhone, takes sheer will and an unobtainable amount of effort. Our constant connection to Gmail, Twitter, Foursquare, et al has become both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, in everyone's pocket is the equivalent to the Hitchhiker's Guide with instant access to every facet of public knowledge. On the other, we are tethered to a constant barrage of calls, emails, texts, Tweets, headlines, and status updates -- unwilling or unable to break free.

This animated short illustrates the difficulty of trying to sever the ties.

But while tech obsession is a screeching monkey on our own backs, it definitely puts a damper on the intimacy between us and our significant others. I mean, how dedicated can you be to a relationship when you're constantly whipping out your Droid to check the comments on your Flickr account?

Well, by the end of the month and in time for the holidays, a single purchase can show your beloved that you care more about them than your Qrank score.

The Phonekerchief -- a handkerchief that blocks cell signals that you wrap around your phone. Sure, an off button would do the same trick, but it doesn't bear the romantic sentiment "My Phone Is Off for You."

So, show her that you care. Or, show him that eye contact means a lot when a glowing screen is within his field of vision.

Available soon from UncommonGoods for $15.
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