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Consumerism Alive and Well, as Woman Sells Baby to Buy Car

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22 year-old Stephanie Bigbee Fleming of Bradenton, Florida, wanted a new car.

I mean, she really, really wanted a new car.

Yes, young Stephanie wanted a new car so badly, she sold her eight-week-old son to an undercover agent from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for $30,000.

"Fleming planned to purchase a new vehicle from the money received," an FDLE spokeswoman said.

Stephanie's automotive tastes must tend toward the extravagant, as the thirty grand was less than half the $75,000 she initially demanded--but settled for less after her grandmother, Patty, was told the undercover buyer couldn't get a bank loan for the full amount.

The two, plus the grandmother's boyfriend Lawrence Works, were arrested and charged with the illegal sale of a child, after handing over the infant in a Daytona beach parking lot.

According to Reuters, Patty Bigbee explained to police that her granddaughter "was not mother material."

Ya think?
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