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Conspiracy Blogger Opts for Blue-On-Black Type in Effort to Adhere to Conspiracy Blog Web Design Standards

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While it is probably true that, as this conspiracy-minded blog claims, the Illuminati really does want me to waste my money on gold, it is also true that all conspiracy blogs use this impossible-to-read blue type on a black background with a constellation wallpaper!

Right? I mean, is there some rule I don't know about that if you write blog posts about conspiracies that you have to create it in that blue type on black background? What if the text looked like this?

"The New World Order are an evil, devious, and diabolical lot. In order to stay a step ahead of their manipulation of the global markets, you must use instinct and intuition. You have to think like a wild animal. Okay, here is why Joel the K and The Patriots Cave know that gold is a pit trap set by the Illuminati: Gold is very similar to paper money. Gold is very similar to fiat currency. It is true that gold has held it's value for thousands of years, but that fact means nothing in the short haul."

Doesn't seem quite as crazy now, does it?
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