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Confirmed: Uncensored Playboy App Coming to iPad!

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Yesterday, news broke when the infamous 84-year-old horndog Tweeted news that not only is a Playboy app headed for the iPad in March, it will contain uncensored content spanning the magazine's history. This, of course, flies right in the face of Apple's staunch position against pornography of any kind in the App Store. Even an app containing a vague silhouette of a woman could feel the brunt of the company's banhammer.

But after the dust settled and speculations were bandied about, it was confirmed that the Playboy iPad app would indeed feature explicit content but in a way that keeps Apple's censorship intact.


The app won't contain any nudity within itself. It will only access a web-based subscription service in order to access the content -- no different than visiting a tailor-made website or looking up a topless photo in Safari.

David Anthony, co-founder of Bondi Digital which designed the app, spoke with PC Magazine about the project. "Any time you're dealing with tablets there are different ways to engineer the content, including a straight [app] implementation. While we're doing many of the characterizations of an iPad app, it's inside a web app."

So, the App Store is, technically, not involved. But it's still not free and clear. Not by a long shot.

This can be considered another instance of Apple bending to the whims of a major publisher while remaining rigid -- no pun intended -- for smaller developers. If the company makes an app available in its online store and that app is accessing illicit content, then guess what, that store just acted as a conduit to that content and broke its own censorship policy.

Don't get me wrong. The end result is a good thing. More adults use Apple's mobile devices than minors. Why should they have their freedoms limited because a person under 18 might catch a glimpse of something they can see almost anywhere else?

But it's that textbook hypocrisy that Steve Jobs and Co. have in spades that's extremely bothersome. Look, if you're going to take a "No Porn" stance, fine. Ban and censor at your heart's content. But don't adopt a righteous attitude while approving an app that delivers adult material and act like you're an innocent bystander. That kind of duplicity is far, far worse than any photo or video you're trying to distance yourself from.

Because I guarantee that should Hustler or Vivid Video design an app that accesses web content in the exact same way, Apple would find a reason to keep it out of the App Store.
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