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Conan's New TBS Show Given the CGI Treatment

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It's covered backroom deals between Google and Verizon, Christine O'Donnell's senatorial run, the war between the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Apple's Antennagate, and of course, a pole-dancing Sarah Palin. Ever since its CGI coverage of the Tiger Woods scandal, the Taiwanese tabloid animators at NMA have gone viral with their re-enactments of popular news stories. From the herky-jerky animation to the zombiefied characterizations, NMA earned itself a profile from Wired and a special place in our pop culture-loving hearts.

And it's back once again to tackle Conan O'Brien's return to television with the premiere of his aptly named TBS show Conan. The clip updates its previous coverage of his war with NBC, Jay Leno, and Jeff Zucker with bong-smoking Conan fans, an elderly woman sleeping through Leno, Zucker being hit by a Comcast truck, and a bear literally spanking a monkey.

As with all of NMA's news coverage, it's worth a watch:

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