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Cloned Beef Enters UK Food Supply

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DailyFeed reports that meat from the offspring of a cloned cow has entered the food chain in the UK, and has been confirmed by the Food Standards Agency, Britain's answer to the FDA.

Apparently, meat from a three-year old bull was slaughtered, sold and eaten last year.

Meat from cloned animals is illegal to sell in the EU, though the European Foods Safety Authority said in statement that "No clear evidence has emerged to suggest any differences between food products from clones or their offspring, in terms of food safety, compared to products from conventionally bred animals. But we must acknowledge that the evidence base, while growing and showing consistent findings, is still small."

In 2008, the FDA ruled that meat from cloned pigs, cattle and goats (and their offspring) could be sold to the American public. But, the Department of Agriculture requested that farmers voluntarily keep direct clones "out of the food supply for an unspecified period so it can manage a 'smooth and orderly' transition to market," according to the New York Times.

Right now, the moratorium does not apply to progeny of clones--meaning we may already be eating meat from the offspring of clones, as they aren't technically considered clones, as their cloned parents were bred traditionally (which generally means artificial insemination). However, Tyson Foods, Smithfield Foods, Dean Foods, and others have said they will not accept products from clones, saying that their customers don't want it.

Kraft's Director of Corporate Affairs, Susan Davison, said, "Research in the United States indicates that consumers are currently not receptive to ingredients from cloned animals."

Aol's Slashfood maintains that it is "widely thought" that "some of that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals (cows in particular) is entering the market. With the change of administration, the USDA has taken no further action."

In short, who knows? Anyone feel like a burger?

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