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Clinton Wedding a Stick in the Eye to Hundredaires Everywhere

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Saturday, Saturday, SATURDAY!

To send their daughter off into the world of marital bliss in proper style, Mr. and Mrs. Hillary Clinton are spending just over $10,000 per guest at First Daughter Chelsea's wedding this weekend.

The 500 guests that are expected to converge on the town of Rhinebeck, NY for Ms. Clinton's marriage to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky will relieve themselves in style--between four and six Portaloo trailers have reportedly been rented at a cost of $16,000.

The toilets apparently play music and each trailer will come stocked with an attendant to help staggeringly wealthy people do whatever it is staggeringly wealthy people can't seem to do on their own in restrooms.

While the questions being asked this weekend might tend more toward "May I help you with that zipper, Mr. Spielberg?" no one seems to be asking, "Hey--aren't we in a recession?"

Of course, one can always argue that the baker who made the $15,000 cake created a job or two in the process.
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