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China's Traffic Report: Still Hot and Sour

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All around the world, people would check out the jam that lasted 10 days and spanned 100 kilometers on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. While you might've said, "That's entertainment," this was hardly London traffic and more like a dead-end street. A private hell in the city. But eventually, the cars began to dissipate and folks got by in time.

Yet, in a town called malice, a new jam has emerged. "But I'm different now," it may claim, it's still the bitterest pill.

(Okay, enough Paul Weller puns.)

As experts predicted, a new 30-kilometer jam has reformed on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. As of earlier this morning, over 2,000 vehicles are stuck in gridlock near the Badaling section in Hebei province. Much like the last, it resulted from road construction, heavy freight traffic, and peak seasonal travel. Locals, especially the ones in the new jam, are desperately hoping that it doesn't turn out to be another multi-day jam.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that those affected earlier this week survived on instant noodles and used roadside ditches as toilets. Worse yet, Chinese police prolonged the traffic by fining overloaded coal trucks that didn't have clearance for more than their limit. The alternative: bribes.

But cops aren't the only ones able to profit from the traffic. Seeking Alpha's James Altucher recommended four stocks that might see some positive effects: eLong, China XD Plastics, Kandi Technologies, and Fushi Copperweld.

There's no telling if this burgeoning traffic could reach the length and duration of the last one, or if it will clear sometime soon.

Perhaps in the midnight hour?

Sorry, had to squeeze one more in.
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