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Chevy Volt Priced at $41,000 Less $7,500 Bribe

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Chevy announced today that the new hybrid Volt will have a base-model sticker price of $41,000. With the $7,500 federal tax credit being offered by, um, the, uh...federal government, the end cost will bring it in line with a fully-loaded Toyota Prius (without the runaway acceleration. Yet.)

Nissan has priced its Leaf model (which will also be available for rent through Enterprise starting in January) at $32,780, but, as a pure electric car, Leaf owners will still have to grapple with the dreaded "range anxiety". This won't be a problem with the Volt, as the electric motor is powered by an auxiliary gas engine which, in theory, keeps it charged. Until it ultimately craps out and doesn't anymore, as American cars are wont to do.

Fortunately, Porsche has stepped in with an alternative for all of us who either a) don't like American cars, b) don't like Japanese cars, or c) have so much extra money to burn that it is all but impossible for the rest of civil society to resent your very existence.

The 918 Spyder may be introduced as early as 2013, and will boast "a top speed of 320 kilometers (199 miles) per hour, relying on a 500-horsepower V8 engine and electric drive-systems that allow the vehicle to run up to 25 kilometers on electric power."

Holy mother of German engineering! That's 15.5 miles! Imagine, for only $650,000, you can have a vehicle that can go almost 16 miles on one charge!

I guess the point is, why even bother calling a car like this a "hybrid"? It's almost like calling a (insert noun here) a (insert noun or adjective that makes the point I'm having trouble finding the words to make, here)

Thanks in advance for the assist.

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