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Chatroulette May Be Down, But HighStranger Is Flying

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Ah, Chatroulette. A glimpse into our world's seamy underbelly. Well, male underbelly, primarily. The online video-chat service attracted characters from all global walks of life and spawned a number of imitators. But none drew the traffic, the novelty, or media attention quite like Chatroulette. Unfortunately, the service has completed "Experiment #1" and remains offline until further notice.

Nothing seems to fill the void of late-night, bleary-eyed chats in its absence. But in two months, something could take its place -- and it'll be quite a trip.

Dubbed "Chatroulette for high people," HighStranger will cater to folks who only do their online video chats baked out of their minds. According to the site, the service is launching on November 2 -- but really, you have to assume that date could meander -- and looking for a head of marketing, PR, and social media. Knowing how touchy parents were just about Chatroulette, they're probably going to need several.

The main page also reads:
"Now that HighStranger's founder has attracted his first follower, we're hiring and looking for investors who aren't scared conformists.

Our core of our technology is developed and ready to demo and it's going to make Chatroulette V2 look like some nasty old bag of rag weed you wouldn't touch with a 10-foot bong (maybe)."
Sounds solid enough to take to a board meeting. Where's my checkbook?

On the other hand, HighStranger's gimmick could easily catch on and, while it probably won't attain the heights of Chatroulette, it'll certainly make viral marketing for horror films a lot more entertaining.
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