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CBS Series Disappearing from DVR Menus

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Right now, as you're reading this, at this very moment, someone else is getting a book deal.

Yes, while you agonize over the wording and overall theme to a cutting and in-depth blog entry, captions beneath candid photos of Williamsburg natives are being published in a highly marketable collection. While you're delicately restructuring the second draft of a wholly original screenplay, an excruciatingly annoying 17-year-old is signing a record deal and a contract to be featured in a feature-length movie. And as you painstakingly craft a sub-140-character phrase to address a topic no one has ever put into words, an admittedly funny Twitter account is being repurposed for a book and primetime network pilot.

When lightning is effortlessly caught in a bottle, it's severely disappointing to see your work go unnoticed. In times like these, all you can rely on is critics' disdain.

But in the case of CBS sitcom $#*! My Dad Says, the jealous are getting a little something extra.

Already decried by many as the worst new show of 2010's fall season -- no small feat considering Outsourced premieres tonight -- the program based on Justin Halpern's solid Twitter account clearly fails to capture the humorously grim worldview of Justin's father. But as critics are having difficulty interpreting what exactly is funny about the show, DVRs are having difficulty deciphering the name of the symbol-laden title and omitting it from search queries.

According to the New York Times, CBS released a viewer's guide to assist them in timer recording the program -- recommending that DVR owners use the programming guide or setting up the timer to record through the time slot.

While it would seem that the faulty technology is saving many of us from experiencing the terrible canned-laughfest, DVR boxes courtesy of Time Warner Cable have placed the title at the top of the list because of the non-alphanumeric characters.

But for New Yorkers who've dealt with Time Warner service, pain and suffering is the company's strong suit.

UPDATE (3:15PM): Seems like Minyanville's servers have similar difficulty with a symbol-laden headline.
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