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CardWoo Offers Last Ditch Way to Scrape Together Cash Before Turning to Robbery, Prostitution

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If you thought the explosion of Cash4Gold-type services signaled a desperation top in the economy, well, things seem to have gotten a bit more desperate.

For those who have already sold their broken gold earrings, gold fillings, gold teeth, gold pendants, or gold...whatever, there's a new way to scrape together a couple of hours of desperately-needed cash without turning to prostitution:

Have any Starbucks gift cards laying around?

CardWoo will take them off your hands for "a minimum of 50% of the card's value."

They'll send you a trackable, insured "Woo Pack" for your own peace of mind, and sometime after that, you'll get a check or shiny pukka beads or a handful of shells or something in the mail.

I'm not quite sure how much lower we can go.

Oh, wait--this much lower:

As says, "Make $1,200 a month for every 100 pounds of vitrified radioactive waste you store on your own property. No limit per customer!"

It's perfectly legal (the Bush-McCain act of 2005 allowed for people to store all non-weapons-grade nuclear materials in their own U.S. residences), and it's somewhat, kinda, almost safe.

What are you waiting for?
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