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Canadians Have Dirtier Mouths Than Brits, Americans

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Weren't we just talking about profanity? Yes, we were.

Anyway, Given the mouths of locals, maybe David Mamet's next film should take place in Vancouver. According to a survey conducted by pollsters at Angus Reid, in casual settings, 56% of Canadians are likely to let a few expletives slip as compared to 51% of Britons and 46% of Americans.

No information on if it was in relation to the cold.

The trends carry over into the workplace as well. Only 32% of our friends up north abstain from swearing. Across the pond, Britons aren't much better at 33%. But a whopping 46% of Americans surprisingly never curse at work.

No information on how many clergymen were part of the poll.

But the survey also revealed a huge double standard inherit in the participants. Despite admitting to working blue, over 70% of all people believe it's wrong for politicians, doctors, lawyers, and police officers to swear in public. Additionally, roughly 60% held the same standards for athletes.

F***in' hypocrites!

Fortunately, the same wasn't said about game show hosts. Otherwise, Canadians would have very poor representation.

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