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Canadian Spies Asked Not To Wear CSIS-Branded Clothing Outside Work

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How do you spot a Canadian spy?

You could start by looking for the emblem of the country's intelligence agency, CSIS, on his or her t-shirt, hoodie, or pin.

But if you were to spot the emblem, that would mean the spy you've uncovered didn't get the memo -- the actual memo-- sent from his or her employer last fall, and recently obtained by the Canadian Press, reminding employees not to display their CSIS-branded pins, keychains, clothing and other souvenirs outside of work.

The CP got a hold of the spy agency's document using an access to information regulation, and although some sections of the article remained classified, what was released was enough for a good laugh.

“Some may argue that the majority of Canadian citizens do not recognize our crest, but given the Internet and the Service's increasing media presence, the public is gaining awareness of its symbolism,” the CSIS document notes.

“The policy essentially states that employees should exercise discretion in disclosing employment outside the work environment. Furthermore, employees working in [deleted from document] must be particularly vigilant in concealing their employer or any association with CSIS.”

Really, you needed to spell that out?

The CSIS-branded souvenirs are sold in a "secret shop tucked away on the lower level of CSIS headquarters in Ottawa," says the Canadian Press story. Employees posted elsewhere can buy the CSIS trinkets, including silver-rimmed martini coasters, through a secure online catalog.

We're betting a few will show up on any day now.



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