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"Call of Duty" Players Answer Call of Nature With Adult Diapers

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DailyFeed brings a decidedly unsexy piece of information to our attention today.

It seems that customers who buy KCK Medical Adult Reusable Cotton/Poly Snap Diapers tend to combine their purchases with a copy of Activision's "Call of Duty 4."

Look, when duty calls, duty calls, right? It makes perfect sense to me. However, gamers seem to be split in their opinions.

J. Smouse writes:

"I buy this same product at a local outlet, Let me tell you, this is not only good for COD4, it's also great for WOW, Halo, Starcraft or any other game you happen to be heavily invested in. I recommend getting these in multiples so you can just slip out of them and into some fresh ones when they start to get a little full."

B. Arnesen isn't as impressed:

"This was my first venture into All-in-One diapers and it will be the last time I consider cloth adult diapers. When I first saw the picture, I thought these would be a contour design and the new picture now makes it clear that they are not. Given the positions of the snaps, the fit ranges from way-too-loose on the first set to you've-got-to-be kidding me tight on the second set. These diapers would probably do better in a contour design with more snaps at shorter intervals."

But, why take someone else's word for it? You be the judge. Me? I'm a Depends man, myself.
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