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California Welfare Cards No Longer Accepted by Psychics, Bail Bondsmen

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As of June 24th, the state of California enacted a ban on the use of welfare debit cards at casinos and strip clubs.

Now, welfare recipients in the Golden State will no longer be permitted to use the cards to pay psychics, bail bondsmen, massage parlors, gun shops, bingo halls, tattoo parlors, medical marijuana dispensaries, cruise ships, or race tracks.

Good god! Where will it end?

I mean, if a man can't use his government-issued welfare benefits card to capitalize at the casino on what the psychic told him to bet on after he bailed himself out with taxpayer money and robbed that liquor store with the gun he bought from his winnings at the bingo hall, then what's the point, really?

Boy, am I glad I live in New York.
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