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California Homeowner Builds House From All 4.5 Million Parts of a 747

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Usually, when you see a house being built out of re-purposed materials (shipping containers, and so forth) it's either a cost-saving measure or environmentally something-something-something-or-other. A new house being constructed in Malibu, California is an example of the environmentally something-something-something-or-other ones. It's also cool as all get-out.

The house, designed by David Hertz Architects, is made from a deconstructed Boeing 747-200 aircraft. The entire plane. All 4,500,000 pieces. The architects compared the use of all the airplane's parts to how Native Americans use all the parts of the buffaloes the kill. (I know, I don't quite get the connection 100%, either.)

The David Hertz website says: "The 747 represented the single largest industrial achievement in modern history and its abandonment in the deserts make a statement about the obsolescence and ephemeral nature of our technology and our society. "As a structure and engineering achievement, the aircraft encloses a lot of space using the least amount of materials in a very resourceful and efficient manner. The recycling of the 4.5 million parts of this 'big aluminum can' is seen as an extreme example of sustainable reuse and appropriation. American consumers and industry throw away enough aluminum in a year to rebuild our entire airplane commercial fleet every three months."

According to The Atlantic, "The plane's steel structure was used for load-bearing walls, while the light-weight aluminum shell and wings were reappropriated as roofing material and exterior walls."

There are also plans to add environmentally friendly features like natural ventilation, solar power and radiant heating.

I'm assuming that, in keeping with the air travel theme, the kitchen will be miniscule and, no matter who's doing the cooking, the food will suck. Oh, and overnight guests will be charged if they want to use a pillow or a blanket. Other than that, it looks to me like 747s make pretty sweet homes.
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