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Business News No Longer Deserving of Capital Letters

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Business and financial markets news is getting further from the front page. Wait, is it further, or farther? Further is metaphorical distance, right? I'm going with further because I'm a metaphorical nut! Wait, I mean I am a nut for metaphorical? Man, grammar is hard!

Anyway, I was browsing newspaper front pages this morning and ran across very few front page articles about business, which, even though it's the dead week before Labor Day, is still a good thing from a sentiment standpoint. Secular bear markets end in apathy, not pain.

And then this from the Washington Post:

What, no capitals for Business? You got NEWS, LOCAL, POLITICS, OPINIONS, SPORTS and then Business? We're right down there with the horoscope, gardening and dining people over in Arts & Leisure! Okay, maybe in the world of Washington Post Web design the word BUSINESS wouldn't fit in their little button box on the page, so they had to lower case it? But, surely they know it's the Internet. It's the Internet! Haha, the boxes can be exactly as big or small as the Web developers make them!
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