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Bugger! Cheeky Brit Threatens Physically Awkward Fight With Minyanville Writer

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For the first time since announcing his publicity stunt, Matthew Partridge wants to take things outside.

Last month, I wrote about Partridge and his quest to traverse the length of the UK via Google Maps Street View. Planning on clicking through the virtual streets from Land's End to John O'Groats, the 27-year-old joked he came up with the plan after he couldn't "be bothered with all the training, planning, and hardships of actually doing the walk." The delightful chap also made sure to note he was taking off work to complete the ten day, 100-hour journey.

Naturally, I unfavorably compared Partridge to a group of gents who recently participated in a 24-year-long pub crawl throughout the UK and Ireland while raising money for charity at each location. The Sun -- which originally covered Partridge's irritability -- also had the same idea, noting at the end of the piece, "Leukemia survivor Stephen Bates, 23 of Maidstone, Kent, will travel 200 miles around Britain on a skateboard raising cash for Leukaemia Research."

Now, comparing Partridge to the other two parties, I voiced what everyone was thinking: This useless attention-seeker deserves a punch in the face. Did I say I was willing, planning, or inciting others to carry out such a wish? Hardly.

Today, however, a commenter alleging to be the Matthew Partridge thought otherwise. And like his asinine plan to get famous, his threats were effortlessly carried out via the Web. He wrote:

I am Matthew Partridge!
Hi, I am Matthew Partridge, the guy in the Photo. Thanks for the write up although I am slightly offended. Because the writer wishes to punch me in the face it means I am going to have to take action myself against him. I am going to buy a plane ticket with all the money I have made from this and come and punch you up your arse. I will be happy to do it in front of you and all your work mates. I am going to make you feel things you have never felt before. Next time, before you write something, have a think about what you are saying and what effect it may have. Half your organs are going to drop out your arse once I have finished with you.

Oh, so now he wants to travel? I responded the only way I could:

RE: I am Matthew Partridge!
JetBlue has extra leg room and a wider variety of snacks. I'd go with them if I were you.

But then again, I guess Partridge has a right to be peeved. Think of how many people who commented on the Sun story he had to threaten.

There's Wolfhauser's astute observation: "Complete and utter loser. Attention seeking at its worst. Look at him grinning. He believes he's achieving something."

The rightfully inquisitive Gor Jess: "why would you waste a week off work for this?"

Who could forget Stevenclare's suggestion: "Oh man, you really need a life..!!"

And, of course, Cerebralassasin's succinct conclusion: "Idiot."

Wait a sec, this guy made money from this story?! Come on. Look in your heart. Tell me what it wants to do right now.
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