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Bruce Willis Risks Life Fronting Russian Bank Ad Campaign

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Moscow-based Trust bank has launched an advertising campaign featuring Bruce Willis and the tagline:

"Trust is just like me, but a bank."

Okay, so...Trust bank is just like a bald guy in his 50s with an ex-wife married to Ashton Kutcher?

Whatever the reasoning behind this silly little piece of propaganda, Willis had better hope the ads work.

According to Reuters, he "replaces Trust's previous frontman, Russian weight-lifter Vladimir Turchinsky, who unexpectedly dropped dead last year at age 46."

However, as we all know, no one who gets involved with Russian banks, mining conglomerates, and so forth, drops dead "unexpectedly" in Russia.

Trust was mum on the details of Willis' compensation for appearing in the ads, but I imagine they simply dug up some serious dirt on the guy and he's doing it gratis.

Careful, Bruce--you'd better do what they ask. You wouldn't want to "drop dead unexpectedly" after a sushi dinner or anything.
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