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BREAKING NEWS: Insane Sense of Entitlement Not Limited to United States Residents

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Wayne and Jenna Sandercock, an unemployed couple with six kids living in Southway, England, currently reside rent-free in a two-bedroom government-funded home, but want a bigger, equally free place--and say it's "outrageous" that the authorities have asked them to wait.

Ms. Sandercock told the Daily Mail, "The house is really cluttered with all the kids’ stuff. One baby needs a lot of things - bottles, toys, etc - and we have twins so it’s just a nightmare."

The kids in question range from two week-old twins named Roni and Roxy, after two characters on BBC television program the EastEnders to a seven year-old girl named Shakur, after late rapper Tupac Shakur. The others are four year-old Lil' (after incarcerated rapper Lil' Wayne), two year-old Rain (after Richard Pryor's daughter), and five year-old Italy (after rap impresario Master P's daughter)."

At the moment we are stuck in a two bedroom house," she said. "I’m not allowed a three bedroom house because the council say we will still be over-crowded. I have to wait until a four bedroom house becomes available. In the meantime they want to just leave us where we are."

There's an easy way out of this, Ms. Sandercock. Don't feel like waiting any longer for more space? It may be time to start thinking about looking for a job. An "outrageous" suggestion, I know. But sometimes the craziest ideas end up working out.

Imagine that.
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