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BP Secretly Planning To Tap Earth's Molten Core for Profit

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A new conspiracy theory, as the good folks over at say, is being, "bandied about" by unnamed international energy "experts".


“We heard that BP plans to...[tap] earth’s molten core as an energy source. Under the guise of ‘fixing’ the gulf leak, BP is drilling a so-called relief well approximately 4 miles below earth’s crust. However, a few days ago, one of their engineers came up with the bright idea to go for it and continue drilling another 1,800 miles to the planet’s molten outer core in order to tap a white hot gusher of lava and whatever else is down there, since we don’t really know."

Hopefully, BP's crack engineering team has boned up on their drilling techniques. Discover Magazine explains:

"In 1970 Russian geologists started drilling into the Kola Peninsula, near Finland, hoping to learn more about Earth’s enigmatic insides. After 22 years of digging, work had to stop when the crust turned gooey under the drill bit; at 356 degrees Fahrenheit, the underground rock was much hotter than expected at that depth. The result of the scientists’ grand effort: a tunnel as wide as a cantaloupe extending all of 7.6 miles down.

The Kola borehole is by far the deepest one ever dug, yet it reaches a mere 0.2 percent of the way to the core."

Good luck with that, BP. We're pullin' for ya.


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