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BP Owns a Copy of MS Paint

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This week, BP has been caught "lasso-handed" in no less than three different photographs detailing the Deepwater Horizon cleanup efforts. One needlessly altered the screens in BP's crisis command center.

Another places a grounded helicopter in the air.

And a third forces a projected screen "somewhat" behind workers' heads in a Sim Ops room.

And in each doctored image, it didn't take much expertise in discovering evidence of photo manipulation. Colors didn't match, heads were chopped off, even the helicopter's instruments indicated a landed craft. So not only were the edits unnecessary, they were absurdly executed.

Surprisingly, BP came clean about the photos and created a Flickr account which shows the side-by-side comparisons of the original and doctored images.

Doesn't quite boost the public's confidence in the company's other performance areas, however.
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